What sets us apart?

Barbie Barta

Barbie Barta


“Our goal is to be a trusted partner to our customers and a trusted partner to our workforce,” said BCT Chief Executive Officer, Barbie Barta. “We’re here to solve business problems by applying the technology solution best suited to the task and providing the expertise and people power to make it happen. We come with no pre-conceived, or “pre-packaged” solution because every business problem is unique.”


Our consultants come from both corporate and consulting environments, giving them keen insight into the issues you face every day. These insights come from solving problems in many environments, both from an internal IT department perspective and an external consulting perspective.


We are not affiliated with any particular technology, hardware, software, or vendor. When we come in to solve your problems, there is no pre-conceived answer. We will recommend and implement the solutions which best fit your needs. Our objectivity is the key to your success.


Our success is measured by our ability to provide you sound advice and successful solutions. Our successes translate into long-term trusted relationships with our clients, vendors, and employees.


Our staffing account managers are seasoned veterans with long-standing relationships that help you to avoid many of the pitfalls you see with beginners, such as resume overload and unqualified submissions.

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